In Search of Truth and Freedom
A path from Ignorance to Awareness
Dietmar Rothe

ISBN 0-9677453-2-2


Mission Objectives
 Short poem asserting the author's commitment to life.

Chapter 1 -  Introduction
 Author's views of truth and freedom in relation to the US Constitution. Outline of the author's personal quest for truth and of the historical movements which influenced his philosophy.

Chapter 2 -  A Personal Quest
 Short autobiography, emphasizing events which shaped author's scientific, philosophic and religious understanding.

Chapter 3 -  The Quest for Truth
 Distinction between personal and absolute truth. Importance of truth for healing personal ignorance and societal ills.  Relation between truth and freedom and their roles in spiritual evolution.

Chapter 4 -  Life is Communication
 The essence of life and the interconnectedness of all life in the universe.  Relationship of body, mind and spirit.  The stream of experience passing through our consciousness and how it relates to our enjoyment of life and spiritual growth.

Chapter 5 -  Physics and Reality
 Historical views of reality.  Idealism versus materialism.  Limitations of our senses.  A universe based on logic.  Unsolved mysteries of the physical universe.  The spiritual substructure of the universe.  New theories of relativity and space.  The wave-particle enigma solved.  The cosmology of Creation and the Big Bang myth.

Chapter 6 -  Gods and Creation
 Gods as highly evolved life forms in a naturally evolving universe.  Distinction between gods and the infinite power of Creation, which guides the evolution of the omniverse.  Inconsistencies in the biblical concept of God.

Chapter 7 -  Spiritual Evolution and Reincarnation
 The case for reincarnation as opposed to resurrection.  Philosophical deliberations regarding the nature of a person's spirit.  Purpose of life as an opportunity for spiritual evolution.  Unanswered enigmas connected with reincarnation.

Chapter 8 -  The Story of Jmmanuel
 Discovery of an ancient scroll, purported to be an unedited proto-Matthew.  A different story of Jesus' life and spiritual teachings.  Revival from near-death.  Jesus' connection with extraterrestrial intelligences.

Chapter 9 -  A Self-Consistent World View
 A living omniverse, which evolves spiritually, materially and culturally.  A universe inhabited by spirit forms at all levels of evolution.  Gods aiding the spiritual development of life throughout the universe.

Chapter 10 -  The Road to Freedom
 Discourse on freedom.  Freedom must be won through personal effort by overcoming needs and attachments, by transforming evil passions and by conquest of fear.  The causes of needs, negative emotions and passions are ignorance and lack of consciousness.  Detailed plan for progressing on the road to freedom.  The liberating power of letting go and forgiving.

Chapter 11 -  Personal Power
 Relationships between fear and power, spiritual consciousness and power, freedom and power, choice and power, knowledge and power, faith and power, money and power.  The power of alignment.

Chapter 12 -  Creativity, Beauty and Happiness
 Personal freedom allows creating a happier existence.  Joy through creativity and self-expression.  Appreciation of beauty as a bridge to happiness.  Material and spiritual happiness.  Seven layers of happiness.